Part 1: Love A Woman Well (Notes)


Before the show on Sunday, we wanted to share some notes with you as a quick supplemental guide to the radio program by addressing the fundamental need of women: Provision. 

And provision is simply this: Women need to give love and they need men to give true provision. (In other words, men give provision and women give love.) But what does provision mean? It is not just a paycheck or a free place to stay. It is providing an atmosphere where your other half, she, can feel safe in order to thrive and be all that God has created her to be, i.e.’ “her own best version”. One might argue the the primary way a man provides is financially, however, in today’s world many women make more money than their partners. It’s not the amount of the check, but who bears the burden of providing a healthy and safe environment. Men are created to bear that burden. Women love to help, so in a women’s world,” helping” financially is very different than “providing” for a man. Secondly, a man can love a woman well by providing an atmosphere that is not emotionally combative. Providing an atmosphere where she is able to love, nurture and support the people most important to her, without it being belittled or minimized in importance. Even providing a home where things “work” so that she “care” for those she loves. And this last point has become more prevalent in today's society of educated and an enlightened society and it is that men should be providing an atmosphere that honors her “work space”. 

What’s tough about this concept and others we will discuss on our show is that they may not give immediate results once you put them to practice in your marriage or love arrangement. If you are looking for an overall change in a women, one that is more relaxed with you and with herself it will take time to regain trust and create a new environment of true provision. Though, when she feels loved and secure, she is better able to be the expressive, loving, fun, exciting woman you dated. Please remember why what you did to secure the relationship (the dating process) worked! There was a reason you did all that you did. If you want the women you fell in love with, the one you dated, then keep doing what worked. Remember When you couple provision, true provision, with words (perhaps the ones used while courting her to begin with!) - Oh the places your love will and can go. 

Let us know how you are doing and how provision is changing the heart of the woman you love.