12 Days to a "Better Christmas" (Round 1)

The holidays can be a complicated and complex time for many. It is full of emotions, stress, joy, and even failure to connect or act out of kindness. We want to encourage all to embrace a "Better Christmas" this year by practicing 12 Days of Christ like behavior that will radically change how you treat others and how you treat yourself. Whether we are in a parking lot frustrated with another driver or dealing with a difficult family dynamic in desperate need of boundaries...lets start here...well, we started on Tuesday with Surrendering. 

Day 1  Surrender

Let's start here. Surrendering all to Jesus. It is His, all of it...and He gladly carries it for us. We need no longer to fret or worry about tomorrow. Give it up and He will renew you. Here is a famous hymn written in 1896 to remind us that in His presence we will daily live. What a relief. What a joy. What a gift...and it is not even Christmas yet. 

Judson W. Van DeVenter, 1896

  1. All to Jesus I surrender,
    All to Him I freely give;
    I will ever love and trust Him,
    In His presence daily live.
    • Refrain:
      I surrender all,
      I surrender all;
      All to Thee, my blessed Savior,
      I surrender all.
  2. All to Jesus I surrender,
    Humbly at His feet I bow;
    Worldly pleasures all forsaken,
    Take me, Jesus, take me now.
  3. All to Jesus I surrender,
    Make me, Savior, wholly Thine;
    Let me feel the Holy Spirit,
    Truly know that Thou art mine.
  4. All to Jesus I surrender,
    Lord, I give myself to Thee;
    Fill me with Thy love and power,
    Let Thy blessing fall on me.
  5. All to Jesus I surrender,
    Now I feel the sacred flame;
    Oh, the joy of full salvation!
    Glory, glory, to His Name!

Day 2 Gentleness

"To keep your attitudes and actions meek and gentle, you will need to swim upstream against the culture’s current of rudeness and roughness." Here is a great article on the topic. 

Go against the grain and watch your environment shift. Showing gentleness is not a weakness but a sign of great strength. Gain inner strength this season by showing gentleness instead of dismissive brutality. Your fellow man will not just appreciate it, but will most likely join you in your gentle spot. 

Day 3 Faithfulness

This is both an attitude & action shown toward God and toward others. When you are loyal and steadfast, your rewards are many. Gaining trust and showing love through faithfulness allows beautiful relationships to stay nourished and grow. What a lovely way to spend a "better Christmas" than knowing the gift of friendship will blossom in the new year to come because of faithfulness. 

Here is an in depth study on faithfulness

Til the next round! Keep practicing these traits for a "Better Christmas".