Welcome to the New Site Blog: Conversations with Cinthia

We are so excited to have our site up and ready for action. Our blog will now be updated regularly and we are looking forward to interacting with everyone who visits and hoping you stay for awhile. More importantly, we are hoping and praying that the messages here on the blog and the messages broadcasted on our radio show (which you can listen to here on our site!) will be encouraging and be the cause of true love in your life. 

We are also excited to be working on a new book! We are hoping to have it out soon and it will touch on so many topics here including gender roles. Anything you absolutely need to know? Drop us a line and let us know. If it doesn't make the cut in the book, it might be a topic we cover here on the blog. 

Additionally, we are engaging with friends through speaking engagements locally and globally. It never ceases to amaze me how many people crave the truth and are eager to learn and how much more there is to write and say about it all. If you are interested in having a speaker or training for your next event/retreat/training we are eager here to start that conversation. Please connect with us here

If you have any feedback or need any more information about radio, speaking engagements, or counseling services please connect with us at anytime.