Invisible Wounds - Melinda Means

This past Sunday, Melinda Means the author of Invisible Wounds, was on air with us discussing her book and her own journey with chronic illness. We were enlightened and encouraged by her story. Her journey to disclose her illness but not wanting her illness to become her identity is discussed on the show. While some of her fears became a reality once she did share, the outcome of her disclosing her illness has outweighed those fears. She shares it has been priceless to be free by being open and not being isolated and alone anymore with her "secret" and "pain". 

We were encouraged by her sharing and wanting to bring light into the dark places. Isolation and darkness is where fellow believers and Christ are able to shine and deliver. Please share where you are and be prepared for healing to take place when you seek out Biblical light. 

Melinda shares in the segment this: "God even if you don't heal me and I am still going to love you and serve you..." because He has a plan for your "little light to shine". Listen to the second half of the show to hear more.

We also love this quote from her: "Embrace the race you've been given." -Melinda Means. 

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