Boundaries: A reminder.

Airing our show from January again this past Sunday, it was meant to be a reminder on how vital boundaries are for ourselves and for those around us. It is imperative that healthy boundaries are a part of our every day decision making process. We highly recommend listening to the show on our radio page. 

One thing in particular, we wanted to extract here is the importance of not just setting our own boundaries, but the importance of respecting the boundaries of others. Boundaries are foundational and all encompassing and they aren't just about protecting us, me, ourselves. Whether it is a spouse, a family member, or even a co-worker, are you practicing simply this:  "What you value, I will respect."  Even if you don't agree with someone's values, respecting them and their values is a healthy necessary boundary in relationships and can help a relationship grow and flourish. 

Again, ask yourself : Am I ignoring others requests? Am I punishing someone for their choices because they are not my own? Am I imposing unnecessarily? Am I respecting and/or accepting someone's "No"? Whether I like it or not? Boundaries are respecting the self will and choice of others, just as God accepts ours. Boundaries are in word and in action. Start practicing boundaries today by respecting those around you by respecting their value choices and decisions. 

All the details and more are in woven into the show. Let us know if you need anything further on the topic. Connect with us anytime.