Dilemma of Change

What has drastically changed in your life? Have you had an addition to your family, i.e., a baby, new spouse, stepchildren, even a pet? Have you experienced the loss of a baby, a spouse (to divorce or death), the loss of a pet, a brother/sister, a friend, a parent, co-worker (unexpected or expected)? How about a job change, by your choice . . . or maybe it was thrust upon you? Maybe an unexpected demotion or promotion? Or in today’s world, just added responsibility? What about a move, a bigger house, or the loss of a house? What if you experienced fire or a break-in? How about a major physical change, you became pregnant and gained weight, you lost weight? Were you injured or had something corrected? How about a prolonged illness, that you did not expect? How about you won the lottery, or someone stole your life savings, (a bad business deal, or investment)? What if you just noticed or are having to face the fact that you really are aging? Or what if you just/finally went into puberty? These are all examples of change that create stress and loss. And so many of these changes were not our choice or what we would have chosen. 

Because change produces stress and creates loss(es). Even if the change is positive
there will be stress and some kind of loss. I.e. winning the lottery! Stress and change
are two dynamics that humans tend to dislike, and oftentimes resist. We know this
to be true because stress and loss, even if positive, are at the least uncomfortable
and at the most excruciatingly painful. I wonder if plants had voices, what the gowth,
the strain, the bursting of a flower bud opening up, and the partial death process as
they go into fall, and then coming back to life in spring would sound like. We think fall
is beautiful, I wonder what the plant feels like? The many “fall seasons” we
experience in our life should be so beautiful, because if we trust God, a new spring is
always coming, even if it’s our last spring - heaven. In heaven there is no
more death. And we do know that humans by nature gravitate toward pleasure
and naturally resist pain. The seasons of life are stressful!! Stress always creates a
critical juncture for us: “Are we going to let the pain created by this change be in
vain, or will we allow the pain of change to be for gain? Because we know we are never
without pain. You see, God designed human’s for stress; it is a part of his creative
process. Stress creates change, change creates stress, and hopefully manifests
new strength, beauty and depth. Choice is the operative word here, we as
humans, with free will, can decide how we deal with, respond/react to stress,
change, and the pain it brings. There is a plethora of literature that expresses the
resultant-beauty of pain. We have example upon example, story upon story that
exemplifies this phenomenon. It must bring God such heartache to see that pain
brings out the best in humans, (that is, if there is anything good to find, pain will
find it.) Sadly, ease and pleasure, produce nothing valiant or admirable in humans. This only occurs if the pleasure and ease are a byproduct of overcoming or enduring some great and painful hardship. Like the bloom after a long cold winter, but we see even in nature, the old has to die for the new to come. There are seasons for a reason.

Let's remember this in a season of change and stress, that a new day is dawning and the gain is soon to be ours. God is good and faithful and new every morning. 

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