Cohabitation: Adult Children at Home

We wanted to share a few notes before Fall and now that school is in full swing around the country about adult children living at home. It is the start of a new era of adult children living at home and sometimes without the intention of moving out. "Launching" your children as really changed this last decade, the world is a very different place. You are not alone in raising adult children at home. 

We wanted to talk about how that might impact your home and your new role in parenting. But most importantly, we wanted to emphasize how you are never done parenting and your life is forever an example for children into their adulthood. How you live in your 50's, 60's, 70's, onward is an example of how to live in each of those stages to your children as they approach those years in their own lives. How are did you handle your marriage? Tragedy? Change? Boundaries? Victories? The journey never ends. 

Listen to the show for a full discussion on parenting when adult offspring are living at home. If you have any questions or need further resources. Please connect with us any time.