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Are you ready to become your best version of

Not the person others expect you to be.
Not the person you thought you should be.

Only the unique, joyful person you were made to be.

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"I am excited you are here and ready to embark on your journey personally and professionally to be your best version. Let's take a walk together."  

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Conversations with Cinthia is a powerful weekly radio program - which is also shared as a podcast - about God, faith, relationships, personal accomplishments, career advice and topics relevant to becoming your own best version. This program will inspire and strengthen your faith in God and the gifts He provides each of us every day.

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Conversations with Cinthia airs SUNDAYS on Faithtalk1360 KPXQ at 12pm MST.

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It's out now!

Grab your copy!

This life-changing book explores human relationships and teaches readers how to de-escalate conflict, improve communication skills and create peace in their lives.

Cinthia relates the way we perceive and react to threats using a DEFCON analogy that categorizes both healthy and unhealthy types of conflict.

You’ll learn to:

·Be aware of your emotions and choose your reaction in any situation

·Set healthy boundaries

·Create deeper, more stable, and more sustainable relationships

BeYour Own Change Agent

With life's many ups and downs, it's easy to get distracted from your purpose and become disconnected from the true source of your power. 

Thankfully, YOU have the ability to transform your life, whether you desire incremental changes or a total overhaul. 

I've created this FREE workbook to help you do three things:

1 - Reconnect with the truth of who you really are.

2 - Identify where your life is out of alignment with the "Best Version of Yourself".

3 - Teach you to become your own change agent so you can get back into the driver's seat of your life!

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As her award-winning recommendations and testimonials attest, Cinthia warms the stage and engages audiences with her wealth of expertise, talent and humor.  Whether you need a motivational keynote or an inspirational performance, your next event with Cinthia will exceed your expectations.


Current speaking topics include but are not limited to:

  • The Dilemma of Change

  • How to be Your Own Best Version

  • Managing Emotions

  • Your Guaranteed Value

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Love your Life


Cinthia Hiett, has been practicing for the past thirty years, specializing in life coaching, family relations, personality inventories and image consulting. Cinthia is available for private and corporate coaching, and for group and individual consulting sessions.


Cinthia is also a trained mediator and has extensive experience helping individuals and groups successfully and amicably resolve conflict apart from litigation.

Holding Hands


-Cinthia Hiett

Through her work as a coach, speaker, author and podcaster, Cinthia helps others feel more confident in themselves, connected in their relationships and free from past hurts and false beliefs. 

Accessible to all, Cinthia's faith-based approach is not only helpful to those who share similar beliefs to her own, but also to those who are grounded in their own views. 



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"What happens, though, if we don’t chase after happiness but instead seek the only thing that can leave us fulfilled rather than hungry for more? What if we could actually discover our true purpose?"

-From God Wants You Truly Living

In God Wants You Truly Living, readers gain deep insights into themselves and learn, through a biblical perspective how to be their own best version.

How Gender Speaks, is a must-read book that examines the power of words, tone, and nonverbal communication as it relates to gender differences - especially in the workplace.

Cinthia's third book is nearly complete and she can't wait to reveal more details soon!

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